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Dragon Slayer, Demoted

If I wanted your help,

I’d put it where you can see

But I cried out for weeks

And you didn’t hear me

I’m past your religion

Because all I see is “Good,

upright people” who care

about what they think they should

I can’t talk to my friends

They’ll just take it to you

You don’t know who I am

You won’t know what to do

I’ll end up in a cell

With a shrink and some pills

That’s the part I can’t take:

It’s not depression that kills

It’s intending to fix me

Where there’s nothing wrong

You don’t carry my weakness

You attack where I’m strong

And you break down my will

You tear open a cage

What you freed isn’t me, though,

It’s what kept me enslaved

But you don’t hear my warning

Like you ever do

How can you kill my monsters

When the biggest one is you?

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One of the 


Things about life

is that

despite how hard you fight the 



The only way to kill them

is to create more. 

One of the 


Things about demons

is that

The ones you create

to protect yourself



turn on you. 

But you’ll discover that

They Are Invincible. 

One of the


Things about chance

is that it’s never in your favor

The one time

Something you made

Actually works,

Is when it’s trying to kill you

But at that point, 

You’re grateful

Because that’s just another thing 

That you were too weak

To do


Have you ever sunk so low

that you found yourself 

indebted to a demon 

For taking your life?

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