Cause of Death: Life

I know the truth. 

The secret to life

is to not fear death

it’s coming for us,

but it’s not the bad guy. 

Have you seen Life?

Have you looked it in the eye

and seen hoe little

it cares?

I have

I looked at life,

And I saw the truth. 

Life is not about living 

Life is about dying

Just because you

don’t want me to be right

doesn’t make me wrong

so pay up 

Life’s a bitch

but she’s Death’s bitch. 

They’re in this together

They aren’t at odds

Life = Death

And that’s the truth

So when I bite the bullet

I don’t want it to be

because Life

forced a gun

between my teeth

I’d rather put it there

myself, but

Not just yet. 

Life’s a game,

but she’s Death’s game. 

The stakes are too high

It’s all-in or get out

But I’ll bluff

Just to see

If anyone cares enough 

To stop the inevitable


I don’t want to die

The thing is,

if I had a reason to stay,

I wouldn’t be flirting 

with leaving. 

That’s the truth. 

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Posted by on December 18, 2014 in Dark, Poems


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