Apology Excepted (and that’s grammatically correct)

15 Jan

I’m sorry

that I didn’t believe you when you said

You loved me

You cared about me

You wanted to be there for me

But I thought you were lying 

How could I not?

All I’ve ever known is people who





Break Promises

Why would I ever expect you to be



You didn’t tell me that you loved me


that you cared about me


that you wanted to be there for me


I’m sorry 

That it took me so long 

to understand

but I just couldn’t rationalize the idea

that you were capable of being This

with the picture

that you always taught me to see

I’m sorry

that I believed you when you told me

that because you were different,

you would never do the same things

I’m sorry 

that you only care about me

If it would reflect badly on you 

if you didn’t. 


you’ll never hear this

and you’ll never see this

because I’m not talking to you. 

I’m talking to the Me that still believes you

Because one day,

She’ll have to be the one


And I’m sorry

that she had to go through that. 


She isn’t me anymore. 

Maybe she never was

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